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Florida RV Rental--A Customized Vacation

A Florida RV rental enables active vacationers who love the outdoors to customize their vacation as much as possible to satisfy their needs. When you rent an RV for a vacation, you can choose how much space you have, how that space is set-up and arranged, where you will stay, what activities you will do while you stay there, how tranquil or active of a setting you have, etc. RVing gives you the opportunity to plan your best vacation ever.

Florida RV Rental: Locations, Locations, Locations...

A Florida RV rental offers you the option of numerous locations, all in different areas of Florida, close to unique attractions, and featuring a variety of amenities. The Wilder Corporation RV Resorts boasts twelve different locations (and these are just the offerings of one corporation): The Springs, Blue Parrot, Oak Springs, Sundance Lakes, Cypress Pointe, Palm View Gardens, Rice Creek, Hawaiian Isles, Southern Aire, Ft. Myers Campground, and Pioneer Creek.

Pioneer Creek RV Resort is unique because it is primarily specialized for active retirement living. It is located in Central Florida and has 377 sites. A clubhouse offers a variety of planned activities, and for outdoor activities, guests can play horseshoes and shuffleboard or go walking or biking. It also offers a heated pool, pool tables, and a woodworking shop, and many golf courses are located nearby.

Fort Myers Campground is more tropical and the home of different kinds of wildlife. Its nearby attractions include golf and tennis courses, beaches, a bird sanctuary and a swamp where you can hunt wild deer, boar, and turkeys. Located near the Gulf of Mexico, guests can enjoy swimming, sailing, and fishing, as well. Springs RV Resort is located in Central Florida and is close to the famous Silver Springs. It features two bath houses, two clubhouses, a heated pool, tennis and shuffleboard, and a billiards room. It has 618 spaces and pets are allowed. As you can see from the few described here, RVing allows you to blend nature and the outdoors with comfort, entertainment, and selected amenities.

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