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Florida Beach Rental

If the idea of owning a private beach has ever seemed like too much to hope for, a Florida beach rental may be the answer to your prayers! But, can you afford something that seems so extravagant? If so, where would you find such rental properties? Wouldn't it be smarter to just endure the crowds at free public beaches? What steps can you take to assure that this dream does not turn into a nightmare? Never fear! You have found the resource for answers to all these burning questions and more.

The Ups and Downs of Florida Beach Rentals

Before making a hasty decision, you have to become acquainted with the ups and downs of Florida beach rentals. As with most investments, a beach rental comes with its share of thorns. Remember to ONLY sign a rental contract if you are completely comfortable with its terms and conditions! As a consumer, you have the right to say no at any point before signing your name but may have difficulty changing things afterwards.

Florida beach rentals, like many other rental properties, differ from contract to contract. Some beaches may be rented year-round, much as you rent your apartment or house. Others may be available for smaller time periods, like a month or week. In either case, cost should be a heavy consideration. If you will be living on your beach property year-round, it is a wise idea to not allow rent to be more than 25% of your gross monthly income. If you are renting the house year-round but spending only small periods of time in it, you might want to consider renting unused time slots to family or friends. This extra money will help with upkeep and rent during the time you are not using it. If renting for only a small portion of time, do not spend significantly more than you would have budgeted for vacation plans using other accomodations. Be sure to remember that you do not and will not own this property! Changes to the landscape, etc., will need to be cleared with the property owner BEFORE they are begun, and it might not be intelligent to spend a great deal of money "fixing up" a place that will eventually be turned over to someone else without repayment for your improvements.

When searching for a beach rental, expect property to be considerably more expensive than non-beach property. Additionally, the closer to major tourist attractions, the more expensive the cost. A cheaper alternative is to rent in slightly more rural areas, where the cost of living is generally lower. Regardless of the cost and limitations on property work that can be done, however, beach rentals have many very positive aspects. First, because it is your own private beach, you will never have to worry about crowds and can feel free to invite friends and family whenever you desire. Also, it is easier to watch out for your children's safety when there are not many other children splashing around in the same area of water. Also, because Florida beach rental is considerably less expensive than actually purchasing a private beach, it can be used to fulfill a dream that would otherwise be unattainable and/or to "trial run" what owning beach property would feel like before you actually buy.

As in all things that require a large sum of money, remember to do your research. While rental properties can be found in newspapers and on the Internet, it would be best to personally visit the property or have a close acquaintance check it out for you before signing any contracts. Also, if possible, ask for the names and telephone numbers of any previous tenants. Talking to them will help you discern what type of landlord you will be dealing with and other important aspects of the property. With a little time and effort, the dream of a private beach can become a true reality!

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