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North Myrtle Beach Rental: Try It in December

When most people think of a North Myrtle Beach rental, they imagine sun, warm weather, bathing suits, and summer crowds . . . the list of summertime traits goes on and on. However, for people interested in trying something new, a North Myrtle Beach rental vacation could be the perfect thing to warm up that chilly winter weather. There are numerous reasons why a vacation to Myrtle Beach in December is worth considering. First off, it offers a break from frigid winter wind and snow. Although beach areas do have the winter season like the rest of the country, the winters are considerably milder and more pleasant. Even though 50 degrees may not be “hot,” it is much better than 20 degrees accompanied by mounds of snow.

Because December, and all the winter months, are generally not peak seasons for beach vacation trips, many rental agencies and other tourist attractions offer discounts to vacationers during these slow months, giving a further incentive to branch out of the normal vacation routine. And winter months at the beach do not reduce the entertainment options: in fact, North Myrtle Beach offers a wide variety of fun, seasonal activities for the tourist looking for Christmas cheer.

During a December North Myrtle Beach Rental...

Although planned events and activities change from year to year, the following suggestions give a few ideas of the kind of seasonal entertainment options available during a December North Myrtle Beach rental. In the first week, the town features its annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony. The North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade generally follows the next day. Within the same week, the North Myrtle Beach Women’s Club presents its annual Christmas Tour of Homes and the All City Christmas Cantata is another special event soon following.

Around the second week of December, visitors to the area can attend the annual Christmas Charity Party, or if art and crafts are more interesting, there are often events like the Swag and Wreath-Making Workshop that same week. Finishing up the round of planned holiday festivities is Santa’s Night Out and Light up the Night. Regardless of whether someone has never been to North Myrtle Beach or it is a favorite vacation destination, visiting during December is sure to be a different experience.

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