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Virginia Beach Rental

If you love spending lazy summer days at the beach but are tired of fighting the crowds, a Virginia beach rental might be just the thing for you! Beach rentals are the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a luxurious private beach at only a fraction of the cost of actually purchasing beach property. But how do you go about actually renting a beach? Can you afford something so seemingly extravagant? Is the whole idea of renting a beach just too good to be true? In the next few paragraphs, you will find the answer to these questions and many more!

Virginia Beach Rentals are a Dream Come True!

Even if you are the suspicious type, you will not be able to deny that Virginia beach rentals are a dream come true! Remember, however, that you would not hastily enter into a contract for other rental properties without thoroughly doing your research. The same applies for beach rentals. Do not get swept up in the excitement of your own private beach and forget to read the small print!

Before you begin looking for a rental beach, decide how long you wish to rent the beach and how much you can afford to spend. Unless you are planning to spend a large portion of each year at the beach, it is wise to rent for only a short amount of time, such as a week or a month, rather than year-round. This will cut down on cost considerably. Also, it is advisable to not spend a great deal more on beach rental property than you would have spent on a vacation with other accomodations. After all, rental property is NOT an investment; you will not be able to sell it if you run into financial difficulties down the road.

Once you have decided these two things, begin looking for property. If possible, start looking in areas that generally attract less attention, which will be much less expensive. Find out if you are renting only a stretch of beach or a stretch of beach with a house. Even though it will be more expensive to rent the house, it might be cheaper than renting both the beach and other living accomodations, such as motel rooms. If possible, visit the beach at least once before signing the rental contract. Pictures in newspapers and on the Internet can often be misleading, and often what seems like a large amount of space on paper is actually quite small in real life. Keep in mind that a "private beach" may actually border a public beach, so if privacy is a concern for you, this should be one of the first questions you ask when inquring about the property.

When you've finally found your dream beach, do a little more research before signing the contract. Most landowners will gladly give you a few days between visiting the property and committing to it. Take this time to go over your budget and do some more research. Look into other beach properties in the same vicinity to make sure you are not being highly overcharged. Maybe look over local newspapers and talk to neighbors to determine the safety of the area. Make sure you are completely comfortable with all areas of the contract and understand the policies on damage, remodeling, basic repairs, guests, etc. Finally, when you are sure everything is up to your standards, sign the contract and prepare for an unforgettable vacation on your own sandy beach!

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