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Find Relaxing and Reasonable Cabin Rentals

The popularity of vacation cabin rentals has escalated. Many people consider a nice cabin getaway synonymous to relaxation. Almost every state in the country with wooded areas and lakes has cabin rentals available. This means that vacationers might not have to venture far from their own homes to experience the serene environment that surround cabins. Most cabins are nestled in secluded and quiet locations and are enclosed by mountains, trees and lakes. Depending on the size and number of bedrooms, they can sleep two to twelve people. Customers are given a choice of renting per day, week or month. The rates are reasonable considering the size of the cabins and the amenities included. With televisions, dvd players, cable, utensils, cookware, air conditioning, washers and dryers, linens, toaster ovens and coffeemakers, vacationers may feel the cabin is more like a second home than temporary housing for a vacation.

Most vacation cabin rental sites include access to activities for all ages. Petting farms are usually nearby, as most wooded areas are homes to various animals. Lakes are available for swimming, fishing and boating. Of course there are trails for hiking and exploring. Some modernized cabin rental sites have even built golf courses.

Reasonable Rates for Vacation Cabin Rentals

Cabin rentals range from $50-$150 per night, but there are opportunities for customers to pay a discounted rate for vacation cabin rentals. Customers are encouraged to rent cabins during the off-peak seasons to lower the cost. The rental rates escalate during the peak seasons, which vary from state to state, but are usually from June to September. The rates are higher because the peak seasons are considered the most popular vacation months. Customers can expect to pay almost $100 more if they reserve vacation cabin rentals during the busy season. The off-peak months fall anywhere between October and June. Depending on the geographic location of the cabin, these months are less popular for vacationing because of weather. Weekly rental rates also include discounted prices. Many vacation cabin rentals offer one night free, if a cabin is reserved for one week.

Renting a cabin for a vacation is perfect for couples or families. Cabins are also ideal for temporary housing for short-term job assignments.

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