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Vacation at Yosemite in Great Rental Home

Mountain lovers, you will be immediately taken with the experiences you get at a Yosemite vacation rental. In this gorgeous national park, you can take hikes on the many trails throughout the forests that boast their magnificent redwood trees, swim in the cool, refreshing watering holes, or gaze at an amazing sunset with that special someone. Yosemite is the perfect place to get away from it all.

You’ll find an endless choice of cabins that will suit your tastes and needs perfectly. Whether you want to rough it with a group of friends in a small, rustic cabin or spend your days curled up with a book and a blanket while being warmed by the fire, the homes scattered throughout the area will make you never want to leave.

Price and Advice for your Yosemite Vacation Rental

Prices for a Yosemite vacation rental will vary depending on the accommodations you choose, the season, and the location. Large homes that sleep 8 or more can be several hundred dollars per night in the peak season (Apr. 1 – Oct. 31), to around a hundred dollars per night for smaller homes in the off season (Nov. 1 – May 31 except holidays). Most homes will come furnished, some with the basics, some with everything you can think of including pool table, hot tub and swimming pool. Homes with better views rent for more as well as have a higher demand. It is important to book your planned stay months in advance. When going for a holiday in any season, plan to book even further ahead as well as pay a higher price. And some vacation rentals will require a minimum night stay.

Calling around to different companies is always a wise move. Some homes are offered for rent from more than one company. Also, be aware of nature’s little obstacles. A rainy few days can cause mudslides and wintry conditions can make it difficult for smaller cars to maneuver on the roads. Although the roads are bulldozed and salted often in the winter, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the unexpected.

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